DUKERS DUKERS DCOS-1850 Dukers DCOS-1850 Double Overshelf.. Product #: DCOS-1850 Regular price: $362.00 $362.00 5

DUKERS DCOS-1850 Double Overshelf

Product Code: DCOS-1850
Availability: 5
Weight: 0.00lb
Dimensions: 18.00in x 49.63in x 32.00in

Price: $362.00


Dukers DCOS-1850 Double Overshelf

The Dukers double overshelf fits comfortably over our undercounters and refrigerated salad prep tables to add extra storage on top.

201 Stainless steel overshelf 16” and 18” with knowdown setup


  • Top & Bottom Shelf: 20 Gauge
  • Type 201 Stainless
  • Legs: 1″ diameter tubular plated steel, 18 Gauge thickness
  • Holder: 16 Gauge Type 201 Stainless
  • Middle Beam: 20 Gauge Type 201 Stainless
    *All measurements are presented in inches


  • Overshelves feature knowdown setup
  • All models are approved by the Edison Testing Laboratories

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